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Lebanon: The Syria Playbook

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LebSyrFlagWith Assad continuing to make his stand against Western backed forces and various jihad extremist groups in Syria, he has pulled an old play out of the go-to playbook for his regime. He has elected to use his faithful ally Hezbollah to open a new front. As Syria continues to sink into its current battlefield quagmire at home, taking out another high level politician in Beirut expands the scope of his operations, and provides relief through distraction. And with the assassination of the Hezbollah leader earlier this month, it all comes across as a justification on the part of Hezbollah. But make no mistake, this is the same MO as with previous assassinations and it will have Syria’s prints all over it.

The real issue is how US foreign policy is allowing for the war to spread, the empowerment of extremist groups to grow and for old and new terrorism breeding grounds to flourish. Libya and Syria are key examples, and indicators are that Iraq is beginning to follow suit. Here’s what the international media is reporting to support this.

From Iraq to Israel: US arms stockpiles grow

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Israel to use stockpiled US arms

Alleged Weapons Transfer Threatens Mideast Status Quo

As U.S. troops withdraw from Iraq and military resources are directed toward Afghanistan, other activities are taking place in the periphery.  DOD reported earlier this year that US weapons stockpiles in Israel were expanding and that the Obama administration was authorizing Israel use of these weapons in case of emergency.  Of course, this has been standard practice for past administrations over several decades.  The new development in this case comes on the heels of the end of US combat operations in Iraq and includes the transfer of the leftover U.S. weapons from the Iraq combat theatre to the Israeli military.  Now at first blush this may not appear significant.  However, it is noteworthy at a time when Israel is planning its next move to deal with Syria and possibly Iran.   As Syria continues to arm Hezbollah and Russia continues to arm Syria, Israel may need these arms sooner than expected.

Dead spy, weapons sales, and a covert war – connecting the dots

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Top Russian spy body washes up after swimming accident

Israel accused of waging covert war across the Middle East

 Despite Israeli protests Russia won’t halt arms sale to Syria 

The decomposed body of the deputy head of Russia’s military intelligence organization (GRU) recently washed ashore in Turkey after reportedly coming up missing in the Syria resort area of Latakia.   This area also hosts the Russian Black Sea fleet facility at the Port of Tartus, used to support Russian operations in the Middle East.  So with this in mind and observing the recent statement by the Kremlin to continue sales of advanced missile systems to Syria, one can see the dots starting to come together.  Add this to the fact that Russia continues to provide fuel for the Bushehr nuclear facility in Iran and that Israel was a big part of training and arming the Georgia military which continues to be a sore issue to the Kremlin, and the stage is set for covert operations of a Mossad type.  It sure reads well.